What In The World Is Sublimation Printing?

sublim shirts

T-shirts are a team essential. Whether that team be an office, sports team, charity event, church group, or graduating class, t-shirts represent a group of people working towards a goal.

That being said, there’s no reason group shirts need to be dull.

Screenprinted shirts have been the norm in group apparel for a while now, but if you want your group to stand apart, you need to check out sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing creates high quality images on fabric. The images are of photographic quality, and the colors are more vibrant than other methods of printing.

In addition to the superior image quality, the shirt remains just as soft as it was before printing. Sublimation ink can’t be felt on the shirts, and the shirts are more durable than screenprinted shirts.

So, how is sublimation printing achieved?

First, polyester inks are printed onto transfer paper. The paper, along with a white, 100% polyester shirt, is placed into a special heat press. The press merges the ink into the fabric creating all the benefits of sublimation printing.

In addition to printing shirts, this technique can be used to print bandanas, beach towels, compression sleeves, hand towels and socks.

So, the next time your groups need shirts, go check out the Sublimation Printing tab at ABR Print. If you want eye catching designs that will hold up to years of wear, then sublimation printing is for you.