What’s Stitchin’?



It’s 2016, and chances are that you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about embroidery. When you do think of it, you may think of your aunt stitching cutesy sayings to hang on the wall. Until the industrial age, and to some extent, even after, embroidery has been used to alter, mend, and reinforce clothing and other cloth items.

Throughout history, embroidery has signaled prestige. Embroidery was taught to girls in 18th century England to mark their passage into womanhood as well as conveying her status in society. After all, not everyone had the time to stitch lovely and intricate patterns. Embroidery was widespread throughout the world, and was referred to in the medieval Middle East the “craft of two hands”.

After the industrial revolution, the bulk of textile work moved gradually out of human hands and onto machines. Hand crafts have moved in and out of vogue since then, but are currently in an upswing.

Embroidery is becoming a commonplace craft , and often takes inspiration from books, movies, and even rap lyrics.

As fun and casual as embroidery can be, it can also be a sound business decision.

By adding an embroidered logo to your shirts, you can get the prestige and class of a beautifully worked design, with no pricked fingers or struggles to thread a needle. Embroidery also makes an elegant addition to hats, bags, and sports apparel.

Don’t just use embroidery for your business needs. Embroidery can be used on items for non-profits organizations, family reunions, and church groups. Any group with a need for formal items should consider embroidery.

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