Comparison of Different Types of Decoration

Screen Printing vs Sublimation vs Vinyl Heat Transfer

Small orders less than 12 garments are more efficiently printed in-house with Sublimation or Vinyl transfer due to a more customizable printing process. The benefit of choosing one of these process for very small custom orders is that they can be completed in less than 5 days or even same day, if the garment you want decorated is in stock. Although the set up is much faster, it is much slower to print high volumes because it uses different resources and process. Once a screen press is set up, each shirt can be churned out in as little as 2 minutes. Dye sublimation takes closer to 10-15 minutes of time per shirt and Vinyl that needs a lot of weeding can take even longer. Screen Printing typically takes around two weeks to run an order and occasionally longer if we are managing a high volume of orders. The base cost will be higher because of the amount of handling time for each item for larger jobs. For this reason we partner with Augusta sport for team uniforms, an a partner that works with us for completing very large volume cut and sew orders.

Sublimation on a colored Shirt.

What we always do is work with you one on one to design your items. We want to make sure your design is exactly how you want it for cut and sew garments. One on one consultation and design is done with all Dye Sublimated items that use an all over printing, and cut and sew process, more detailed posts on each of these processes will be posted in the future so keep a look out for updates!

Screen printing , Sublimation and Vinyl Transfer are  all viable options when having shirts printed. It really comes down to the number of shirts you would like to have printed and what quality and price you are looking for.

*Customer Supplied Garments can have no warranty -We will only cover and replace garments purchased through us. Customer supplied garments are run at your own risk. Because previous washing, product materials and quality are unknown, and will effect the final outcome of the product.

We are happy to give you a Quote and help you decide what is best for your project! If you have more questions, feel free to contact

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