What Do Business Cards and Dating Have In Common?

In order to be successful at dating you need something that is very important… a name and a phone number.

Without a number who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Cheesy yes, but I had to.

So as business people we get business cards because we are hoping that we can land that first date with our prospects.

We go to trade shows, networking events, and even out in public handing out our cards to anyone with a pulse, right?

And then the phone starts to ring off the hook right?

What if there was a better way to be more successful at dating – business, would you be interested?

Here is a different strategy to try with a business card next time you are out and about.

When you are networking with someone and they ask you for your card, take it out, but instead of giving it to them say, I really enjoyed our conversation, it would be great if you could write down your name and number here (flip the card over to the blank back side) so I can give you a call later this week to learn more about (insert widget or conversation topic here).

Now instead of handing out your cards hoping for a call, you get their name and phone number so you can follow up later that week for a meeting over coffee, lunch, etc where you can learn more about their needs and offer your solutions.

Some of the best networkers in the world make a practice of this very thing either using business cards or other tracking items such as coins.

They will fill their right pocket with the item and then move those to the left pocket when a number has been collected.

Their goal is most always 30. Moving stuff from one pocket to the next also helps keep you motivated because it becomes a challenge to get it done faster each day.

And if you are wondering, you can still give out your card… they might call, but you know for certain the one that leaves their name and number is truly interested and worthy of your time to follow up.

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