Embroidery in Action

Embroidery is the art of painting with thread . We can embroider one or hundreds of garments. Embroidery typically has a job completion turn around time of two to three weeks.

Things you need to know about Embroidery. To start your project have a graphic ready. Vector Graphics that are styled in spot colors with no shading are preferred and will produce the best results. The maximum amount of thread colors for a project is 15 and each additional color is $5 per thread change.

Embroidery can be done on many materials and garments. We can handle run up to 14 inches square for larger jacket backs and blankets . Somethings to keep in mind when asking for custom embroidery are location of the embroidery placement and the size of the artwork. We do not embroider over pockets because this will render the pocket unusable , unless the garment was designed with a special embroidery pouch. Also the size of your design will increase your stitch count. For a Standard run up to 4000 stiches it will cost $5 per garment plus cost of set up. For every 1000 stitches over 4000, add $1.

Check out Some Examples of Embroidery we have done:

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