Are Your Customers Promoting Your Business?

Think about all the customers you have right now.  When they are out in public, are they helping spread the word about your products and services?

There are many low cost options you can implement in your business today to help your customers promote your business.

This brief article covers a low cost and proven strategy that turns your customers into your business advocates.

VIP Clubs

Do you segment your customers into relationship levels?  If not, what you will find when you do is that you have some very valuable customers who are repeat buyers and consumers of your products and services.

For example… Let’s say you run an insurance agency.  Do you keep track of what households have multiple policy relationships with you?  Do you reward those customers that have it all with VIP recognition events?

Some of the smartest agencies have annual, semi-annual get-together events where the best customers are invited to cook outs and social gatherings to have fun and bond.  Take that another step further and send them a thank you with their name on it… but don’t make it just any thank you.

For very little cost you can have various promotion products made such as key-chains, pens, lighters, and other small portable items that are personalized to that client.  On that item you could say something like… Sally Jones is a VIP at XYZ Insurance Agency.  Obviously this works not just for insurance agencies, but any business that has a product or service consumed by a customer or another business.

It is proven that people respond greater to items that are personalized to them.  And you know what they do with those kinds of items? … one, they will always have them which reminds them of your company and how much you care about them.  Two, they are going to show other people … they might even give it away to a future customer.

It is human nature when someone has an item with their name on it, they are more likely to use that item in public because it gives them a sense of status and importance.  People will see the item, comment, and let your customer tell the story of how great you are, how they do all their business with you, and how well you treat your people.

Does that sound like the customer you want?

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