Showing Employee Appreciation All Year Round

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Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity for employees to take extra time off from work to rest and relax. This time allows employees to return to work with a new perspective and a positive attitude.

However, if the only time your employees feel like they are getting a break from work is Labor Day or other major holiday, your company has a serious problem. It is important for employees to feel that their contributions are appreciated in the workplace. Three approaches to making employees feel appreciated are time, nurturing, and goods.

“Time” simply refers to rewarding exceptional employees with time perks. These perks could include longer lunches or breaks, flexible scheduling, or even options to work half-days or the option to work from home.

“Nurturing” is much simpler than it sounds. A great way to both reward and motivate your employees is to nurture them. What does nurturing consist of? Nurturing could be allowing an employee to head a project they’ve shown interest in, giving them the opportunity to attend a conference, or letting them cross train. It’s important to have good communication with the employee when choosing a nurturing activity because it will do the employee, not to mention the company, no good if the employee gets burnt out or is uninterested in their additional company activity.

Last but not least, you can provide your employees with goods. Goods are physical items that can be given to employees in appreciation of their work. These goods can be gadgets, clothing, gift cards, or tickets to area attractions. They can be part of a contest or an item that is received when the employee reaches a certain anniversary with your company. Using a combination of time, nurturing, and goods will reward and motivate your employees. When you take care of your employees, they will take care of you.

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