Business Owners: Take Notes


Bloomington is an interesting place to operate a business. It has the feel of a larger city, but with a strong sense of community usually only found in small towns. It is urban whereas the surrounding countries are mainly rural. Along with these differences, Bloomington’s population grows drastically each August, when students flock back to IU.

As a business owner the question you need to ask is, how do I get the attention of the students when there are so many choices available?

A great way to keep your business in the front of students’ minds is to distribute promotional items. However, not all items are ideal for the college student demographic. Many students don’t have room to spare, so you don’t want to hinder them with items they may discard for lack of space. Small, utilitarian items are the best way to go.

Here are ABR Print, we have begun making a new style of pen, pictured above. Pens are small, useful, and easily misplaced, which is why it would be beneficial to put your business name on them. If your pen makes it into a backpack or purse, it is only a matter of time until it will be used.  Pens also have the tendency to be borrowed, and even if they don’t make it back to the original owner, they will still be advertising for you.

A great tie-in with the pens would be notepads. Once again, small notepads would be beneficial to college students whether they use them in class or for grocery lists. If the students use your notepads for class, then they will be seen by a large group of students throughout the semester. Even if they just use the notepads for groceries, they may be reminded to buy your product or visit your business while they are out.

Another item not commonly used for advertising is the flash drive. They’re small, colorful, and will be used daily. Flash drives will be seen during class, study groups and may even make appearances on lanyards.

Speaking of lanyards, ABR Print can put your business name and logo on those, too. Lanyards are another highly visible personal item, and if they carry house keys and cards, they become indispensable.

After handing out items to help students study, why not hand out some fun items to help commemorate their time at college?

Magnets with fun and clever slogans alongside your business’s logo and contact information are not only useful, but can serve as souvenirs. Try emblazoning your magnets with class specific sayings. A magnet that says “Class of 2016” is going to be taken home when the student graduates.

Another fun promotional item is the Frisbee. When the weather is nice, any flat green space is likely to become an impromptu ultimate Frisbee field. Why not advertise and give the players a new Frisbee to use?

Whatever promotional items you decide works best for your business, make sure to get them from the talented team at ABR Print. They will work with you in order to ensure your design translates well to the item on which it is being printed. Just because the school year has already started doesn’t mean that you should wait to distribute your promotional items till the new school year. Call ABR Print today.