Why Small Stickers Can Mean Big Results


When you hear the word “stickers” it may be tempting to imagine gold stars in an elementary school class, or boring, square white bumper stickers. If this is your reaction, you need to reassess the humble sticker as an effective marketing tool for your company.

First and foremost, stickers are easily customable, easy to distribute, and relatively cheap. They can be sent in the mail, handed out in person, or used as a prize. They can link to your business’s social media or web pages, and can be informative or mysterious.

 Most importantly, stickers can find homes on phones, laptops, guitars, amps, drums, windows, water bottles, notebooks, skateboards, any item that is used daily. This is where the genius of stickers occurs. Instead of being advertised to, getting your business’s stickers in the hands of influencers- people who carry respect for their opinions in their peer groups- leads to others in those groups adopting that company as a symbol of their beliefs and lifestyle. Personal endorsements tend to mean more to people than advertisements.

Stickers are also effective in their simplicity. While they are not high tech, many terms used in social media are taken from their paper predecessors. “Tagging”, “Pinning”, and “Posting” can be done on social media, but your stickers can either link to social media or not. You can include URL’s or QR Codes, or you can include just a logo and encourage customers to search for your company on their own.

What shouldn’t be simple however, is your distribution of stickers. Making a unique, positive experience out of receiving the stickers will make the stickers more likely to be used and seen.  For example, are you advertising during welcome week at a college? Have an inflatable obstacle course with stickers as prizes. Other fun options include handing out balloons with stickers inside or setting up a scavenger hunt. Having a memorable experience matched with a physical reminder of your company’s info will lead to more exposure for your company.

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