Summer Souvenirs

After a trip back from vacation, the luggage is usually a bit heavier than before. Souvenirs of all kinds make homes on refrigerators, curio cabinets, and walls. Souvenirs are also given as gifts to friends and family. How can your business capitalize on souvenirs during the busy travel season?
If the business is already in a destination town, then it would possible to link the business to that. For example, beach town businesses of all kinds work beach themes into their products, services, and décor. What can your business capitalize in your area? What is your town’s claim to fame? If nothing springs to mind, then you will need to focus on your business’s brand.
First and foremost, what is your business? If it’s not a “fun” business, chances are souvenir items won’t be a good fit. A magnet from an insurance company won’t impress the grandkids. However, restaurants, hotels, and unique stores are all businesses that could be able to sell souvenirs. This is especially true when the business has a unique angle. Does your store sell Halloween decorations all year long? Then sell jack o’ lantern mugs. Does your business have a giant statue by the roadside? Then sell magnets and postcards with pictures of your statue. Is your wait staff mean to customers on purpose? Then make sure to have “I made it through a meal at …” shirts.
Souvenirs are a way for people to remember experiences. In order to be effective at selling souvenir items, your business has to provide a fun, unique, and memorable experience. The ability to sell souvenirs depends on your location and business type. A grocery store in Las Vegas will be able to get away with selling more postcards, mugs, and shirts than a small town grocery store could. Work with your business’s strengths and emphasize what sets it apart.
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