Holiday Cards Will Get You Remembered



Tis the season for holiday cards. It’s the time of year where you dust off the matching sweater vests and try to get the whole family looking at the camera at the same time while attempting to look like a pleasant and well-adjusted group of people.

Here at ABR Print, we can’t offer any advice on that, but we can help give you some pointers on having the best cards around.

Holiday cards are the best excuse to get hilarious photos of the people you love. Everyone is used to the “classic” holiday card look, sweaters, snow, maybe a fire place. Think about who your family is and what you are about. Maybe your card will be sports themed, maybe its music. You can even have each individual member of the family incorporate their own hobbies in the picture. The holidays are only once a year, so make it memorable and fun.

However, if your family refuses to go along with your awesome Star Wars themed card, you can always be like this fellow from Michigan and hire a family to take photos with you. Which brings us to the next point, you don’t even have to have your “family” in the card. You can make cards with your roommates, you can even make cards with your pet. You don’t have to have kids or even a significant other to get in on the holiday card craze. If you own a small business, company holiday cards are a great way to show your appreciation to your customers. These also are a great opportunity to show off the culture of your company.

Once you get your photos done, send them into ABR Print. There, they will work with you on borders, text, and anything else you can imagine to make your holiday cards #awesome.