Major and Minor

woman working at desk

Maybe you’ve decided on a major in graphic design, but aren’t sure what you should pick as a minor. Here are some degrees that will complement your graphic design major and will make you more marketable.

A business minor is beneficial because it allows you to easily understand the company you are designing for. It can help you pinpoint what kind of messages your client is trying to communicate, and it can help you communicate better with your client. In addition, it can help you to advertise and negotiate your yourself. It is also crucial if you plan on founding a graphic design company.

Computer science also makes a great minor. Much of today’s graphic design work has a heavy component of technology, so computer science is a smart foundation. This is also a prime time to work in apps, and professional graphic design can make or break an app. A computer science degree can also easily lead to other jobs, should you ever decide to move from graphic design work.

Advertising is beneficial because most likely, your designs will work as an advertisement. Even when making a website, you will be using fundamentals of advertising. Much like business, advertising is doubly beneficial because not only can it be integrated into your work, it also allows you to professional advertise for yourself.

While these majors are all smart choices, don’t underestimate your vision for your dream career. Even unorthodox minors can work with a graphic design major if you put in a little effort and planning.

For example, a minor in non-profit management would allow you to be able to make advertisements and other materials for nonprofit organizations large and small. Sports marketing as a minor could allow you to work for major sports teams. Degrees related to music or photography could land you designing album covers for musicians. Take time and think of how you can make your passions work for you