Print Advertising: Why You Need More Than Facebook Likes To Grow Your Business


Do you run a business, non-profit, student club, or any other organization that could benefit from its name receiving a little bit more attention?

If any of these are your case, then you need a sign. Yes, you heard me, a sign.

With today’s emphasis on social media and online marketing, it is easy to overlook the subtle benefits of a traditional, old school, plain old sign.

It’s quick to view, hard to miss, and you are entirely in control of what the viewer learns.

Every day people walk down the street and see fliers on poles and bulletin boards screaming different things at them. There are signs staked in people’s yards every time there is a new election.

Businesses and groups regularly have banners hanging from their tables every time they present themselves in public. All of these are incredibly commonplace practices in the world of marketing oneself, and the reason for that is simple: they work.

If you operate an organization and are seeking public recognition, you have to be in the public’s eye. Get your group’s name out there. Put stickers on every lamp post. Dangle a brand new banner in front of your business’s window. LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE THERE.

Relying solely on social media shares and word of mouth is like trying to find a job by asking one friend if they know anyone who is hiring. Maybe he will give your name to someone who can help, but it would probably help if you gave your name to other people aside from just that one person.

A common trouble that a lot of people will run into however, is that they don’t know where to get these things. Sure, you can print off some paper fliers that will easily rip or get ruined in the rain.

Perhaps you could make a big poster board sign that is just as susceptible to the weather. But if you want high quality marketing materials that will leave a lasting impression on people, rain or shine, come to ABR Print.

We have a vast array of these marketing goods, with yard signs, stickers, decals and professional quality banners, all fully customizable, and all made from a durable vinyl that won’t get ruined by weather.

Also while you’re there, check out all of our other items we can print for you and your organization. Shirts, business cards, flash drives. We have it all, and we have it at a price you can afford.

Contact us for a printed vinyl goods price quote, and get your business’s name out there today.

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