ABR Print Winner-Mark


This week’s post focuses on the third and final prize winner of the ABR Print Art Contest.

Mark Moore is a senior at Bloomington High School South.  He plans to go to Ivy Tech then transfer to Indiana University for a degree in graphic design.

Mark’s inspiration for his prize winning piece came as a result of his friend Brooklynn. He took a picture of her to use as reference, and then drew her digitally. Mark stated that the style used in this piece is an artistic departure from his usual style, and that he wasn’t sure he would like the end result. After completing the piece, he found that he adjusted well to his new style and plans to use it for more art in the future.

Mark prefers digital media to make his art, and takes inspiration from online artists such as kel, Odunze Whyte, and others. These artists often showcase and promote their art through the internet on major social media sites. A major opportunity for digital artists is Saturday AM, a site that publishes online manga.  Mark hopes to have his work published there and have the opportunity for it to be published in print.

ABR Print would like to thank Dat’s, Uel Zing, and the Chocolate Moose for donating prizes to the ABR Print Art Contest, as well as the contestants for submitting their fantastic art.