Advertise Your Non Profit for 2016


The New Year is a time for reflection and a time to turn over a new leaf. If you are not connected with a nonprofit, this is a great time to start volunteering or donating. If you already work with a nonprofit, why not get the word out?

Advertising is a great step for any nonprofit to take in 2016. While it is often a hard thing to do to draw money away from helping others in a nonprofit, advertising is absolutely necessary to the health of the nonprofit organization. Advertising allows nonprofits to connect with donors, volunteers, and benefactors directly.

An effective advertising campaign should include personal promotional items that can be handed out at nonprofit events. Additional items, especially items that tie in to the organization’s purpose, are also helpful in advertising.

Additionally, nonprofit organizations have a benefit that most for-profit companies do not. Most likely, people that volunteer for nonprofits have a close personal or emotional tie to the organization. This means that people who receive t-shirts, hats, and lanyards are most likely going to wear them often. These people will also be great advocates, and speak with others about the causes displayed on their gear.

Ultimately, a good nonprofit advertising campaign should raise awareness and help educate others about the cause. This education and awareness will enable others to make an informed decision, and to change their actions in order to better themselves, better others, or better society. Without advertising, people may not be able to reach the resources that nonprofit organizations provide.

So, make sure to look at ABR Print for your nonprofit needs in 2016.