When you think of neon, you may think of Vegas or the eighties. You probably don’t think about neon as an advertising tool. However, the seemingly unnatural brightness of neon lends itself well to catching eyes and holding attention.

Before we discuss the many uses of neon to advertise, it’s important to understand neon’s vibrant history.

Neon, the gas, was discovered in 1898 by chemist Sir William Ramsey while neon’s bright properties were known at this time, neon would not light up the night until 1910.  These lights were often used to advertise car companies.

Fifty years later, pop art icon Andy Warhol painted a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. While the painting did not use the element in the paint, the bright hue of the colors cemented the name of “neon” for any vibrant, fluorescent color.

The eighties would find neon being sported on clothing and various accessories. The nineties would carry the neon torch through to the new millennium

If you watch a lot of sports today, you may have noticed a much brighter difference in uniforms. Bright neon clothing and shoes are being spotted from tennis courts to football fields. The reason why, according to Business Insider, is because young people like bright colors. It makes sense that youth culture would embrace attention grabbing neon. After all, the word neon comes from a Greek word meaning “new one”.

How should you use neon in your promotional items?

Smaller items such as lanyards, keychains, and bracelets can easily be all neon. These items may be easily overlooked in “normal” colors, but neon won’t be missed by anyone nearby.

For shirts, you can use neon in one of two ways. You can make shirts up that are entirely neon. This is especially effective when there will be a large group of people wearing the shirt at once. (think of an event such as a trade show). This will draw the eye to the shirt and provide multiple opportunities for the advertisement to be seen.

The other option is to use neon as an accent on a black shirt. This is ideal for a shirt that is likely to be worn by an individual on a daily basis. This is also a more modern approach to neon. It is casual and easy to wear, while still having the eye catching benefits neon offers.

Don’t be scared to try something brighter in your promotional items. Neon is a great choice to if you want to stand out. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email ABR Print about your neon items today.