Nurture and Survey – A Client Marketing Database Survival Guide

Working Together At Office

Have you ever requested information from a company and after you get it, you are constantly being offered to buy something from them? Would that annoy you?

Here is something to think about when working with your marketing contact database.

How much do you really know about the people on the other end of the email? Top marketing companies and lead generation firms know that in order to maintain a quality and responsive list, they need to be nurtured and surveyed from time to time.

Do you use surveys in your business? If you are, great, you probably know more about your customers and prospects than most other people.

If not, it’s time to start.

Studies have shown that only around 50% of the people that request information from your company are actually interested in that specific information. If you are tracking your email campaigns, you will see this happen when only half of your people, maybe less even open your emails about the thing they requested information on.

If you are being smart about that relationship, you will have a process in place that after a few emails being unopened, your campaign to that person about that subject stops, and a new message goes out. This new message is a survey, and if you want to attach a bribe to it, by all means go ahead.

While this is a very basic example, hopefully it gets your wheels turning…

XYZ Company Wants Your Opinion and Will Bribe You For It!

Dear email list person,

We noticed awhile back you requested information about x, but may have lost interest in it. We would love to know how we can provide you with better information in the future and kindly request your feedback when you click the link below.

(link goes to survey and asks them general interest questions about services or products your company offers, and things your company does not offer).

xyz company

Why would you ask someone to comment on something your company does not offer? Simple really, because maybe there is another opportunity to joint venture with a company that offers those services and cross promote each other’s catalogs.

The point of this all being that you contact your people with things they are interested in. You don’t always need to send an offer or ask for a sale on every email. Believe it or not, sending someone an article about something they like without asking for money will make them think you care about them personally. This will build that relationship and trust, and guess what happens then…

You get sales and referrals because you care about your people.