How To Offer A New Product (Or Re-Offer a Top Seller) For Fast Money.

Let’s get to the point…

Business that have product lines often find that 80% of their sales are driven by 20% of their products. So when you want to get a bump in sales, consider doing a product launch.

There are a few things you will need to do this.

1) email list

2) 4 part marketing series

3) the product

Putting it together in cookie cutter fashion.

Day one you send out an email to your list who loves buying cookies at your shop, and the email gives out your top 3 secrets for picking the best ingredients to make delicious cookies and lets people know that tomorrow you are going to send them information on the best way to mix and bake those ingredients.

Day two you send out an email to your list that knows how to find the best ingredients because you taught them how. Now you demonstrate the type of oven you use, how you set the temperature, and what to watch for during the baking process. You then let them know that tomorrow you are sending an email that will teach them how to decorate those cookies for the wow presentation.

Day three you send an email that talks about how you decorate, the tools you use, cookies cutters, piping bags, etc. and how to use them. Then you let them know that if they want to make cookies just like you did that tomorrow’s email is going to reveal it all.

Day four you send an email that recapped everything and offers them your deluxe cookie bakers kit including all the tools they watched you use over the last 3 emails to make your delicious cookies and tell them how to order.

Although this is a very basic example, all you need to do is switch out the cookies with your own business products or services; it works with anything you can imagine!

You can get as high or low tech as you want here. Video looks great, but well written and education emails will do the trick.

Hoped this helps, and if you apply this concept, let us know!

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