Business Cards: Branding You in a Tech Driven Economy

Taking your business card to the next level.

Taking your business card to the next level.

Introducing yourself to someone is always a difficult task. Making sure that you leave a positive first impression while also ensuring that they remember who you are is often easier said than done. Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to guarantee that they can’t forget you however, is a business card. While far from the most complicated form of advertising, they have many qualities that make them vital parts of your advertising arsenal. They are easy to always have with you, contain all of your contact information, and they allow you to give the recipient a quick peek at what your business is really about. But what makes a good business card? It’s easy to just throw a name and a phone number on a card, but what are the qualities that make a good business card unforgettable?

I would recommend thinking of your business card as a book or a movie. Would you rather read a book that has nothing but straight facts and information, with nothing to dress it up and make it interesting, or would you rather have it tell you a story that helps create a real impression of the characters and world? Assuming you are like most people, you would likely prefer the story that contains more details and provides you a deeper look at what the author wants to tell you. Similarly, a business card should achieve the same goal for whoever receives one. You will still need all of the important information that you are trying to convey, such as your company’s name, logo, address, and contact information. But once you have those gathered, how do you provide a deeper look at what you or your company are really like?

To provide the reader a better view of what your business really is, you should consider either a unique company slogan, a unique (but not distracting) background, or ideally both. By providing a short and catchy slogan, you can give the people you meet an easily accessible view into what your business is about, while also being able to help your business stick in their minds a little bit longer. A background that is more than simply white space also provides a generally more pleasant viewing experience that can easily compliment what your company does. If your business is more professional, consider a more abstract and less busy background to provide a sleeker appearance, while if you are running a pet care business, you may want to include a picture of an animal to help your card stick out alongside every other piece of paper your customers have at their homes.

If designing a strong business card seems like a difficult task, that’s because creating a truly effective card actually is quite difficult. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that. We at ABR Print have our own custom business card design studio that streamlines the process for you, allowing you to create your own unique business cards in no time. Check it out here so that you can start telling your business’s story today.