Time to Vote…For Yard Signs

Sign Ad

It’s that time again when we as a country exercise our rights and vote for the next round of leaders. The political races play out on our tv’s, radios, news outlets, social media, and yards.

The humble yard sign tends to multiply when election time rolls around. However, it may be tempting to believe that yard signs are less effective than other forms of advertisement. Consider this, yard signs are likely to be viewed when people are driving. In the vehicle, the only other forms of advertisement available would be radio, and radio doesn’t interfere with vision. As long as your home isn’t completely off the beaten path, then any passerby will be able to see any yard signs placed close to the road. Yard signs can be great advertisement for more than just candidates. They can also foster hometown pride and support charitable organizations.

Along with elections, it is also time for high school proms. Often, proms require additional fundraising, and that is achieved through events such as pancake breakfasts and carwashes. In order to get a good turnout for the community, it is important to advertise, and yard signs in front of businesses and houses can help spread the word.

Yard signs are also a fun way to honor graduating seniors. Often, graduating student athletes receive some sort of banner their senior year displaying their photo, name and number. These can be applied to a yard sign, as well. Families or teachers may wish to have signs made to commemorate other activities or extracurricular activities that may not receive as much publicity as sports, such as choir, band, color guard, or JROTC.

Graduating seniors may also use yard signs to designate where their graduation parties are. Yard signs almost always look better than hand drawn posters and are more visible to travelling guests. They are also sturdier and can be customized to celebrate the graduate.

Graduating students are not the only ones to keep in mind when having yard signs made. All kids involved in sports can utilize yard signs for recruiting and advertisement of fundraisers.

In fact, any charitable group can benefit from yard signs. Whether the group benefits children, animals, literacy, the environment, or more, make sure to consider yard signs in fundraising. The signs can and will be customized to what you need by the talented staff at ABR Print. Give them a call today.