QR Codes connect your print material to your online presence

totesIt is well known that promotional items are an integral part of any effective advertising campaign. Items such as shirts, hats, Frisbees, and stickers are capable of carrying a company’s logo, name and contact info out into public, and into the hands of potential customers. Is it possible to make these items work harder?

A QR code may be an efficient way to get more mileage on promotional items. The code can link to a website or the company’s social media site in order to inform “not yet” customers about special promotions and to allow them to get to know the company better.

These codes can be relatively small and can be incorporated easily into a bigger design, with room for a logo to spare. ABR Print will work with you on placement and design in order to ensure the most eye catching promotional items.  Imagine having your logo (as seen on the bag above) turned into a QR Code or having it printed along side it!   It is a marketing trend that gets you physical and online exposure.

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