Business Cards – Making Introductions Since 15th Century China.

Did you know your business card has quite the history? Originating in 15th century China, Meishi, were used in formal announcements to let the local people know of a coming Royal Visit. In 17th Century France, Visiting Cards, aka, Calling Cards, which had the name printed on them were distributed by footmen of the aristocracy and royal families to future hosts to make introduction of their arrival. Around the same time in 17th Century London, Trade Cards were used to advertise and give directions to local business.

In the 19th Century, the Carte de Visite saw a photograph added on a piece of card with the owner’s contact information. The business card as we know it arrived in the 20th Century, and are now seen as the recognized way to exchange information. Today, the business card industry is valued in excess of a Billion dollars, with billions of cards being printed every year. The most common information found on cards today is name, title, phone, address, email, and website link.

Today you can get business cards in tons of designs, materials, printing methods, coatings, and more. One of the better templates we like is one that tells people the biggest benefit you offer them and how they can get it right away, then just hand it out to the right people.

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