Do You Funnel?

Do you use sales funnels in your business to attract and develop your customer base? Many of the top marketing companies in the world develop funnels (pre-determined) paths their customers enter and interact with during the course of the customer-business relationship. Some funnels ask for stuff in quick fashion, other funnels spread it out over time. The way your funnel works is up to you and what your testing shows.

Here is the concept in visual form:

Attracting is the thing that gets them in the door. Take for example a chiropractor’s office. They might have a message therapist on staff and run a promotion for a free massage. This attracts people to take up the offer and book their free massage.

Engage is when that prospect comes in to get their massage. There is a preset path you train your receptionist to initiate. For example, when the person comes in they are greeted, asked to fill out a short questionnaire, and explained what the day looks like … i.e., you will meet with the chiropractor for a brief free consult so that our therapist can know best how to help you. By the time the prospect is done with the process they should leave with a sense of trust and positive feelings about your business.

Nurture is when you engaged the prospect like in the above story and continue that relationship by offering another chance to engage again at a discounted rate. For example, when the person that just experienced the free massage is ready to leave, they are given an envelope and told not to open it until they get home, and that it is a special thanks to them for allowing us to provide them the free massage today. Inside the envelope is another offer that explains the normal prices for what is offered at the business and since they enjoyed the services, a half off coupon for the next time they visit.

Sell is when that nurtured customer takes the new offer and is provided their service and during the service is made aware of some problem that can be helped by getting another service at the business. For example, the massage therapist notices certain tension that is not muscle related but joint related that requires the chiropractor to examine. This should be a real thing, no trickery here! Making this referral becomes easier because they already know, like, and trust your business.

The deliver, is fulfilling the end service and maintaining that relationship for repeat business and referral opportunities through clubs or membership options to your business.

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