Distribute Your Brand Through T-shirts

Feature your company colorfully on any t-shirt!

Feature your company colorfully on any t-shirt!


Looking for a new way to create buzz over your company’s t shirts? Instead of just handing them out, why not try to make the t-shirt exchange memorable? Creating a fun way to distribute t shirts and other items will make your company stick out all the more in consumer’s minds.

Contests are a simple and effective way to distribute t-shirts. They can be simple or elaborate, and can be easily modified to fit a theme or event. Some simpler contests include raffles, quizzes, or posting to social media.

These types of contests can be performed at the place of business or at a booth. For some events, the contests can be more elaborate, such as sending customers out for a scavenger hunt or having them climb a rock wall.

If contests aren’t your company’s style, then perhaps you should try a more powerful approach. T shirt guns and air cannons are an exciting way to distribute materials. They can be easily customized, and can shoot a variety of promotional items. Having a t shirt gun is also a great way to excite employees about advertising for the business.

If your promotions are a little lackluster, a new contest or fun promotional toy will allow both customers and employees alike to take an active role in distributing t shirts.