Embroidery is a needlecraft where stitches are used to create a design. Originally, embroidery came about as a way to mend, patch, reinforce and decorate clothing. Eventually, embroidery came to signify wealth and became mechanized in the 1800’s.

Today, embroidery is enjoyed as a hobby and as a nice addition to clothing and other decorative items. It is also a nice touch to business polos, fleece sweatshirts, and canvas totes.

While screen printed shirts are a business’s bread and butter for giveaways, sometimes there is a need for a more elegant touch. Embroidery fills that need. In addition, embroidery tends to last longer than screen printing.

If you are looking for a way to reward employees for exceptional work, consider investing in an embroidered jacket with their name and the company logo.

Depending on your business type, you may also consider buying embroidered polos for front-line employees. These may be salespeople, customer service representatives, or reception desk staff. Any business that has employees greeting customers can benefit from having embroidered polos that reinforce brand image. These polos would also be appropriate for trade shows or any similar event. Embroidered items would also be great gifts for loyal customers, or as a contest or a raffle prize.

            Whatever your embroidery needs, make sure to contact ABR Print. Your logo, business name, or other designs will be modified to ensure they look great on your items. Call today to talk to one of the talented staff at ABR Print.