ABR Print is a Full Service Printing and Design Studio. We produce Fine Quality Screen Printed garments right here in Bloomington IN. T-shirts, Jackets, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and much more. We can print it for your business or family event !

How Does It Work?

ABR Print uses screen printing for large orders of garments.

Screen Printing

To get your idea on a shirt, first email or call us and talk to a designer. We can help you decide if screen printing is right for your job. Next we offer digitization services, once your art has been digitized, and perfected. We color separate it and burn the screens. We have a minimum order requirement because the initial setup process can take a few days from the time we receive the artwork , and approvals to the time we can actually start production. Our minimum order is 24 garments for the first 2 screens, 36 garments for 3 screens, and 48 garments for 4 or more screens.

Typically, we can finish your order 14 days from the date the art is approved.

How Many Screens will I need?

The amount of screens needed are determined by the number of colors in the art, the number of locations to be printed, and the color of the garment. Dark colored garments will need a white base layer so that the inks layered on top will standout. For example a single color print on one side of a garment will require one screen, But a full color print located on the front, back and sleeve can take up to 15 screens.

How Much does it cost?

There is a $20 charge per screen. Minimum order for a single screen is 24 garments, prices vary but are typically between $7-$12 each for most S-XL T-shirts. Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Name brand items will cost more. But if you want your logo printed on Dickies, or Adidas for example, we can do that.

Standard on hand ink colors are no extra charge. The following Charts show a sample of our standard ink colors.

Custom mixed colors like a Specific Pantone are $15 each quart.

For Metallic and reflective inks call for pricing.

Please contact us for a formal quote or if you have any questions.

*Customer Supplied Garments can have no warranty -We will only cover and replace garments purchased through us. Customer supplied garments are run at your own risk. Because previous washing, product materials and quality are unknown, and will effect the final outcome of the product.