While the Students Are Away…

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After the final tassels have been turned, after the final papers have been turned in, after the last presentations have been made, cars packed, and students are well on their way home, then Bloomington’s population drops down to locals only. For business owners, especially those near campus, this means that business tends to slow down. However, the summer slump doesn’t mean that businesses have to twiddle their thumbs waiting for the students to come back. Here are some tips to maximize your business’s slow season.

Summer is a great time for fun giveaways. Reward your loyal, local customers by offering special edition gear when they visit during summer. These items can also raise interest in your business when students return, because those students will wonder what else they may have missed over the summer. These giveaways are also great ways to clear out older stashes of merchandise. Summer giveaways are also beneficial because you can test run new types of merchandise before committing to a large order. Looking for new items for your business? Make sure to look at apparel and promotional items here at ABR Print’s website.

The slower summer season is also a great time for business reboots. Need to roll out a new logo, motto, service or product? The summer is a great time to have time to implement changes. Summer is also the time to work on your physical business. Any repainting, deep cleaning, landscaping, additions are remodeling are much easier with less foot traffic.

Last but not least, having a slower summer season allows your business to prepare for the return of students. Whether stocking up on supplies, looking for qualified employees, or planning events for the coming year, make sure to use the extra time summer allows. Summertime can allow businesses to regroup, rethink, and review in order to grow in the coming school. Just because the students are on vacation, doesn’t mean your business should be.