Got a Restaurant? Got Shirts?

baker at stand                        She would have better luck if she had on a custom Tee

For a smaller, locally owned restaurant, it may be tempting to try and cut costs by neglecting to buy t-shirts. However, t-shirts are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Shirts are important to establishing and maintaining the brand image of your restaurant.

First and foremost, shirts are great advertising. When employees wear their shirts before, after, or during working hours, they are freely advertising for your restaurant. Having unique and memorable slogans and logos will allow your shirts to work harder for you and to reinforce your restaurant’s brand image.

Additionally, t shirts can be used to help inform customers and potential customers of unique aspects of your restaurant, or even of special promotions or events.

If you have a barbeque restaurant, make sure the shirt represents what you sell. If it’s a diner, make sure your customers can tell by looking at the shirt. If you have a themed restaurant, make it obvious. If you imagine your restaurant as a person, the t shirt is their handshake. It is the first impression of the restaurant.

Shirts can also be used to commemorate and advertise special events and promotions. If your restaurant hits a milestone of being in business, then a shirt and promotion combination would be a great way to invite your customers to celebrate with you. For example, say a business has been open for twenty years. They could make a shirt advertising twenty years of business, then promote a two-for-twenty special.

Anniversaries aren’t the only instance where t-shirts can be utilized. Any event that your restaurant holds or even supports would make great advertising. Whether it be a street fair or a charity run, don’t be afraid to brag on your business’s backing of events. In some cases, people may have tasted your food not realizing where it came from. Make sure they know.

A restaurant is only as good as its workers, so why not treat your employees? Employees with notable achievements or many years of service can be treated to shirts or pins marking their hard work for your restaurant.

             Shirts can also be sold in house. This works especially well when the restaurant utilizes themes or clever sayings, as seen on Hooter’s and Joe’s Crab Shack shirts. These shirts are beneficial in many ways, one, in the sale of the shirt itself, and in the additional advertising it provides. Remember how having employees wear shirts at work helps advertise for customers? Selling shirts allows for more potential advertising hours.

The restaurant business is a tough one, and often the difference between a success and a failure is slight. It can be easy to overlook the humble t shirt as a business tool, but it shouldn’t be passed over. A well designed shirt is powerful, especially when it is paired with a good campaign. If you need help designing your shirts, why not call the talented staff at ABR Print? They are courteous and will make sure your needs are met, so you can meet the needs of your customers.