ABR Print Contest Winner


Over the next few weeks, ABR Print will be showcasing the winners of the ABR Print Art Contest. These three students have created three unique works of art that incorporate a graphic design element.

Placing first in the art contest is 6-year-old Logan. He is currently a student at Rogers Elementary. However, Logan learned about the contest from his little sister, Vanora, who goes to the Montessori School.

Logan said he decided to draw the night sky, and with the guidance of his dad, uploaded and modified his original artwork in Photoshop.

In school, Logan explained, computers are used for work and educational games. The ABR Print Art Contest allowed Logan to think of technology in a new way and allowed him to express himself artistically.

After his big win, Logan’s future plans may include seeking a career in the construction industry.

Additionally, Logan is excited to see his work displayed at ABR Print, Uel Zing, Dat’s, and the Chocolate Moose and plans to use his winnings to treat his best friend to ice cream.

Be sure to check back to see the other winners in the ABR Print Contest in the coming weeks.