It’s Cold Outside … Give your Car a Wrap

Vinyl wraps are a quick way to drastically change the appearance of your vehicle. While wraps today are commonly bright and contain designs, vinyl wraps have much humbler beginnings.

Vinyl wraps were originally used in Europe to make black taxis beige, as required by law. These wraps were cheaper than repainting the car, and easily removed to allow the car to be resold after being used as a taxi. The vinyl held the additional benefit of helping to protect the paint underneath.

Nowadays, wraps are most easily recognized as being used to help advertise businesses. Car wraps are relatively cheap and provide highly mobile advertising. In addition, consumers are likely less likely to ignore car wraps in the same way that they would look away from a billboard. While car wraps are a smart business decision, there is no reason that you shouldn’t have some fun with vinyl wraps, too.

Maybe you don’t want to pick up the kids from school in a van with neon flames running down the side, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wrap your personal vehicle. Maybe your original paint has faded, or you’ve never really loved the color. A solid color car wrap can easily give your car a facelift. Perhaps you want a matte look for your vehicle, a wrap can do that. Maybe you want a design on the fenders, if so; you can get a partial wrap. Wraps can allow for either subtle or vibrant changes to your vehicle.

Wraps are great for other hobbies as well. You can wrap drums kits and guitars. For family gatherings, you can design a custom wrap for corn boards. You can even wrap a refrigerator.

With vinyl wraps, the possibilities are endless. Wraps can follow the curve of objects, and still hold an intricate design and bright colors. And if you ever get tired of your wrap, it can be removed. Chances are that you won’t though, because at ABR Print, we listen to you. So go ahead order a fun fridge wrap. We know you want to.