In a Band? Get some Merch!

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If your band is on break this holiday season and you guys are not naming elves on the shelves like these bands, then you should be checking out ABR Print.


T-shirts are a great band merch staple, but to let fans show how much they love your music, consider branching out. Drawstring bags are useful, visible, and are able to carry a large design, not to mention your band name. Hats, cups, Frisbees, magnets, keychains, lighters, pens, and lanyards all make fun, useful, visible merch as well.


After you decide what type of merchandise is best for your band and your fans, you should be thinking of who should receive the new gear. With the holidays in full swing, why not use your new merch to thank everyone who’s helped you out? Managers, roadies, friends, family, anyone who has helped get the band on their feet deserves some awesome gear. And they are guaranteed to wear or use it, because they were a part of it.


Another great reason to get new merchandise now, is because of any holiday shows that your band is going to be a part of. If you are playing a benefit or seasonal shows, cool merch is a good way to get your band’s name out there. It’s the holidays, and it’s the time of year to give.


When everyone else is making New Year’s resolutions, your band can be working on new designs for merch. When you get your awesome designs made up, then you use them as part of a social media campaign. New Gear for a New Year!