Are you branding your business correctly?

As a business owner, you want customers to become trained to buy from you and recommend you to others. That is why it helps to brand an image/logo, catch phrase, or other easily identifiable and memorable thing that customers associate with your company.

Here are some examples…

  • Just Do It
  • Tastes Great, Less Filling
  • In Good Hands
  • I’m Lovin’ It
  • Eat Fresh

Were you able to identify some or all the companies by phrase alone? Did you see the logo after you read the phrase? See! branding does work.

Once you develop your brand identity, it is important to spread it. It is also important that your advertising pieces have a unified look and feel based on your brand goals. There are a number of ways to spread your brand around that include:

  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • Sponsorship
  • Business logo, cards, letterhead, literature
  • Articles
  • Joint Ventures
  • Media buying

One of our favorite ones is the joint venture. The reason joint ventures work well is that you are receiving a warm introduction to an entire audience that could have interest in your business. This is why you are seeing gas stations and fast food in the same building for example. They work because both deal with car traffic that is usually in a hurry.

Have you thought about some different businesses in your area who also have your customer demographics? It might be worth approaching them and offering to cross promote each other’s business to your customer lists to attract new clients.

And since you have your branding in order with a professional eye catching look and appeal, cross promotions will help create awareness of your business and services. However, if you need some help with branding, reach out to us and let us design the perfect business look for you today!

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