The art of Sublimation !

Honey Comb Cut and Sew design

Sublimation is a highly flexible way to get your art work to really pop on clothing! Have you seen those wild designs that wrap completely around a shirt? Wild all over patterning and continuous designs? Maybe you have a friend who has a very personalized one off shirt that speaks volumes to there personality . Now you too can have a beautiful and unique piece of wearable art created right here in Bloomington!

Cut and Sew design

We can create Dye Sublimation Print with high intensity full color direct to garment printing . We offer both Location Sublimation on White and light colored garments and All over Cut and Sew sublimation for a unique all over effect.

Sublimation can also be a good option for testing prototype designs.

We offer sublimation is several pricing tiers . All over Cut and Sew includes cost of Fabric and Design fee. Standard print area includes cost of Garment.

Standard Print Location Front , Back , Pocket and Sleeve
Front or back up to 25% coverage $25
Front & Back up to 25% coverage $30
Small Placement Pocket or Sleeve$15
All over Cut and sew prints tiered pricing
1-11 $50
12-23 $48
24-47 $45
48-73 $40
Multi Use Moisture Wicking Gators $15

Other items that we can sublimate are Gifts, Coffee mugs, Covid-19 Face-masks, Gators, Mouse pads. Masks and Gators are Sewn by me personally in Bloomington IN in Micro batches. Masks are Dual Layer Polyester moisture wicking fabric with Sewn in nose metal contour strips to help prevent eye glass fogging. If your state is making masks a requirement you may as well get one that is personalized to you.

Dye Sublimated Cut and Sew Cloth Masks $25
Multi Use Moisture Wicking Gators $15

Gators are approx 10″ wide and are sized to fit most adult heads, if you need a large gator a 12″ wide pattern is available that fits some taller men better. I have worn one through the first part of the summer and they are comfortable.

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