Choosing the right shirt.

Screen printing works best on Garments that are chosen to handle the type of process they will be exposed too.

Thin shirts like Next Level and supper soft shirts are best suited to thin ink applications of one or two colors at most and thinner, darker color inks. This is because part of the screen printing process requires “flashing” or a quick heating up the shirt to 300 or more degrees to set the ink into the fabric between layers.

Thinner shirts can and do burn during this process . Thicker shirts like the Gildan 500 and 800 are better suited to full color prints of 4 or more screens and stand up well to flashing.

When Printing on a thin shirt if a multi-color process is used it is also likely that they will feel stiff . On a thicker shirt the ink distributes and bonds more evenly to the fabric.

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